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Put your mind at ease with questions you have in your mind. Sometimes just gaining insights can remove the anxiety and the tension from your situation. It is in uncertainty where assumptions are made and the wrong action is taken or no action at all. Get clarifications, confirmations, and directions on your career, business, life, and love situations.

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Its not a simple yes and no answer when love or business is involved. Let's look at the whole picture. This includes outside and internal influences, what the other party truly wants, blindspots, along with how to move forward. Sometimes its small adjustments and an gaining understanding of the whole picture that makes a difference.


Will My POI Return

Is this person right for me

How does POI feels about me

Is my POI cheating

Will we last?

Do you see new love coming

What is this person's intention


What is this person's intentions

Is this friendship worth keeping

Is this person trying to use me

Why is this person distant

Will I see this person again

Does this person want more

Does this person think of me


Will this business/career workout

What does my boss thinks of me

Should I work with this person

Will this partnership work

Will this career move be for me

Should I stay at this company

Will my finances Increase


Will things change for me

Am I psychic

What does my dream mean

Is my love one here with me

Is a love one who past okay

I want to connect with a loveone

What changes should I make