Jewelry Is Apart Of The Pop Culture

Aktualisiert: 5. Nov 2020

Throughout history, jewelry has been a part of pop culture. Though a lot has changed since Hip-Hop began around the 70s, from the artists, lyrics, to the beats, jewelry has remained the emblem of the culture through the decades.

Pop culture was fueled as a channel to speak out against oppression and racial prejudice by the people of color. Rap music, became a voice for what people in these communities, were feeling and going through in their daily lives. Outsiders did not understand the struggles of what it was like to see their own people being gun down by their own brothers and sisters. Nor did American Society care about the issues that affected these communities such as being racial profiled, living in poverty, not given fair trials, and receiving harsh punishment for crimes while their counterparts obtained a slap on the wrist.

The people of color face numerous challenges trying to get ahead in life. They found ways to create their own voice and live a better life. Some chose higher education, a portion chose the streets, others chose entrepreneurship, few chose death, many chose fighting for their country, and couple chose marriage. While society may not agree with the way some chose to get out of poverty, it was their way of surviving and trying to lift themselves out of the slums.

Jewelry became a status symbol for those who made it especially in the Pop culture. Music became a voice of hope, comfort, therapy, and a way to create awareness to the world. Music became a way to reach out to the mass and relate to one another. It serves as a channel where pain can be release and a tool use to create one’s financial freedom. As Rap Artists, continue to perform and make appearances, one can always find them dressed with beautiful jewelry. Music, jewelry, and fashion allowed artists to express themselves. It was the one thing society could not control.

At Krisallis, one can find jewelry pieces that encourage, uplift, and compliment their path. Their Pop collection features jewelry that is textural, filled with details, and sends a message to its wearer. The collection was inspired by the Pop culture. “There are so many different paths in life. Every path offers different opportunities and different risks. Krisallis is here to embrace your journey by offering valuable pieces of jewelry to collect on your way.”

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